Apache Karaf Cookbook

This past winter Johan, Heath, Achim, and I started our latest adventure writing Apache Karaf Cookbook for Packt Publishing. We're happy to announce that the book is finally available for pre-order via Packt's website.

We've taken care to cram as many hints, tips, and experiences into its pages as we could.

Taking a look at our table of contents you'll find recipes for:

  • Apache Karaf for system builders

  • Turning Karaf into a Smart Router with Apache Camel

  • Model Karaf into a Message Broker with Apache ActiveMQ

  • Transform Karaf into a JSP host with Pax-web

  • Distribute your Karaf applications across a clustered container with Apache Karaf Cellar

  • Transmute Karaf into a web service container with Apache CXF

  • Turbo-charge your Karaf applications’ persistence layer scalability with Apache Cassandra

  • Manage Big Data on Karaf with Apache Hadoop

  • Integration test with Pax Exam (bonus chapter!)

  • We hope the community benefits from our experiences, we've poured a lot of ourselves into this title. For more publications on Karaf please see our Instant OSGi Starter, and Learning Apache Karaf.

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