Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When people ask why do you work from Newfoundland, this is part of the reason...

This is where I call home...

Destination St John's did a brilliant job with their video - for more information please visit www.destinationstjohns.com.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Apache Karaf 2.2.9 Released!

The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache Karaf 2.2.9.

This release of Apache Karaf is based off of the 2.2.x series branch, representing an update to Apache Karaf 2.2.8. It contains bug fixes identified in the prior release, and introduces improvements including; An update to fix a NullPointerException when using JDK 6 update 33 or JDK 7 update5, a new JDBC lock implementation for Postgres, a fix for using version with the wrap protocol, and renaming command-watch to watch. Several dependences were also updated, bringing Felix Framework to 3.2.2, pax-logging to 1.6.9, slf4j to 1.6.6, xbean to 3.11.1, aries proxy to 0.3.1, and a multitude of updates to maven plugins.

To help make the transition from Apache Karaf 2.2.0/2.2.1/2.2.2/2.2.3/2.2.4/2.2.5/2.2.6/2.2.7/2.2.8 to 2.2.9 easier we've put together a table of changed dependencies which you can view here: http://karaf.apache.org/index/documentation/karaf-dependencies/karaf-deps-2.2.x.html 

For more information please see the release notes.

As discussed in my prior Apache Karaf 2.2.9 preparation post, I enjoyed listening to Arkells albums throughout the release process and was delighted to try the Groom Bush Block Zinfandel 2008. I think the music and wine pairings are really working well for these releases, that being said if anyone has suggestions for future music or wine selections please post them below :)

Now that this patch release is out, I can't wait for the up coming 2.3.0 and 3.0.0.RC1 kits - both branches are rapidly coming close to being ready! Rest assured however that Karaf 2.2.10 is also in the works.

Happy developing!