Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Building my new release server

Over the weekend I embarked upon building a new server for performing the Apache Karaf release candidates I build. I thought I'd share some specs, setup, and photos of the completed project.

The Gear:

Configuring The System:

The Apache Karaf Release Guide provides the blueprint for this build, providing the community with a reproducible set of steps to help us avoid relying on a 'magic build' machine. The guide outlined the various tools, their versions, and configurations required to produce a build candidate.

No more spinning disks for my build machine :)

System Layout:

The 120GB disk was chosen as the primary boot disk, hosting Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and a swap partition (/dev/sda). The 240GB disk was formatted as a single partition using an ext3 filesystem (/dev/sdb).

I prefer to keep my Operating System and 'task' drives separate on a server.

Build Drive Organization:  

The build drive hosts three directories:

  • tools - All build tools.
  • repo - local m2 repository.
  • source - SVN and Git repos.

The tools directory contains various versions of JDKs, Ant, Maven, PrinceXML, and my environment scripts.