Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Learning Apache Karaf is now available!

Learning Apache Karaf is now available! Johan, Heath, and I began working on this project this past summer after being approached by Packt to submit an outline for how we see Apache Karaf being introduced to developers and administrators. Several months later we arrived at out final draft after obtaining feedback from many members of the Karaf community. In our humble opinion, this book contains the distilled experiences of using Apache Karaf that you need to know.

We hope that you find our approach to be concise, fast paced, and get your Karaf instance up and running as quickly as possible.

Reviewing our book's content you'll
  • Install your first Apache Karaf instance
  • Learn to command and control the runtime
  • Explore system configuration tuning
  • Delve into Karaf’s provisioning mechanisms
  • Understand application deployment through practical examples
  • Improve your Karaf deployment to production-ready status
  • Discover Apache Karaf Cellar, and
  • Harness Karaf’s features with our sample final project
For more information, please visit the book's site: