Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apache Servicemix Kernel subproject moves to Apache Felix

So the big news in the Apache Servicemix project, after its recent 4.0 release, is the move of the Kernel subproject over to Apache Felix. This change came about for several reasons which were discussed on Guillaume Nodet's blog. After some discussion on the mail lists, the name "Karaf" was accepted for the subproject. As annouced by Guillaume, the vote to move the subproject was successful and the work to make the move began.

Now that the process has begun to establish Apache Felix Karaf, I thought it would be good to start publishing a few links so that Kernel developers & users could find its new home.

Karaf Overview:

Karaf Users' Guide:

Karaf issue tracker (see Karaf component):

Karaf source code (anonymous check out from Felix trunk):

Felix project contributing guide:

FUSE ESB 4.1 Released!

FUSE ESB 4.1 is now available at FUSESource.

FUSE ESB 4 is an enterprise version of Apache ServiceMix 4 – the most popular standards-based open source ESB. FUSE ESB 4 continues to provide support for widely adopted integration standards like JBI 1.0 and JMS while also ensuring support for the latest emerging standards like OSGi. The new FUSE ESB 4 provides a single platform that makes it easy for developers to implement the integration patterns they need with the programming model of their choice

Get your copy here:

Release Notes: