Instant OSGi Starter

In 2012 Johan and I were approached by Packt Publishing to submit an outline on OSGi for their Starter series. Both Johan and I have been working with modular java frameworks and runtime environments for years - so being given an opportunity to share our experiences and help developers quickly come up to speed was a fortuity.

Our goal was write the book such that a java developer could pick it up on a Friday afternoon and come Monday morning be ready to join a team project based in OSGi, with an already established software architecture, and be productive. 

To this end some of the points our book focuses on are:

  • Discover the basic tenets of the OSGi and modular programming. 
  • Deploy and manage your OSGi applications in a runtime container. 
  • Gain familiarity with OSGi tooling 
  • Understand the Bundle as the most basic layer of OSGI modularity. 
  • Master the OSGi Lifecycle model for modular code. 
  • Learn about Services - producer and consumer bundles are demonstrated.
  • Gain exposure to key OSGi patterns such as Whiteboard and Extender. 
  • Find more information and supporting communities for OSGi developers.

Our book is available via Packt Publishing, hard copies via their affiliate stores such as

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