Sunday, August 31, 2008

MiR: August 2008

Month in Review: August 2008

August started out with quite a bit of excitement as the FUSE team gathered in Dublin Ireland to discuss project status and future development. This was my first time to see Dublin and meet the core group of Open Source developers working on the various components of FUSE.

Upon return to Newfoundland I dived into research and development involving Apache Servicemix Kernel and XHarness. The first phase of this work was to gain a deeper understanding of Apache Geronimo GShell, Plexus, and JLine. The second phase has been to improve XHarness to inter-operate smoothly with these technologies.

The first fruits of these efforts were released in XHarness 1.0-beta2, you can expect to see more improvements in the upcoming XHarness 1.0-beta3.


Gord said...
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Gord said...

I visited the XHarness link and I must say it looks pretty impressive. Say, how would a guy that knows (next) to nothing about the inner working of Apache go about contributing to such a project?

Jamie Goodyear said...

Hi Gord,

In response to your question I've posted a quick how-to on contributing to Apache:


Gord said...

I much appreciate the effort! ^_^