Thursday, February 17, 2011

Mun CS Games Winter 2011 Singles Competition!

Each Fall and Winter at Memorial University's Computer Science Department an ACM rules programming competition is held for their students. In the spring of 2010 I attempted to boost student interest by providing some prizes, this went over very well for all involved. Last Fall I continued the gesture, and this Winter continue it again.

The prizes!!!

The third place prize is being sponsored by IDBlue. The prize pack consists of a copy of Java Pocket Reference, a copy of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly, a Mun water bottle, a Mun market bag, and a Mun pen:
The second place prize is being sponsored by Nomadica Group. The prize pack consists a copy of IEEE Spectrum magazine, a copy of Challenges for Game Designers, a copy of Project Management Secrets, a DVD of the movie War Games, a Mun water bottle, a Mun market bag, and a Mun pen.
The first place prize is sponsored by Jon Anstey. This prize pack consists of a copy of Camel in Action (personally auto graphed by the co-author himself!), a Mun water bottle, a Mun market bag, and a Mun pen.
Some lucky runners up will receive a loot bag containing a Mun pen and chips - yes bags of chips! We are that awesome!!!

The Winter 2011 CS Games (Singles) are tentatively scheduled for February 25th, 2011, in room EN2036 at 5pm to 7:30pm. There is a sign up sheet in the CS department head office, please contact them if your interested in competing - seats are limited (CS students only). When a link to the information regarding competition rules, and other details becomes available I'll update this post.


Gord Peach said...

Good show Jamie. Man...too bad no one supplied prizes like that back when I was competing. That way, we may have had more than 4 people participating. :-P

Jamie Goodyear said...

I know - it's nice to see 15 to 20 students each competition these days.