Monday, April 4, 2011

Preparing for Apache Karaf 2.2.1

The first maintenance release of the Apache Karaf 2.2.x branch has moved into the planning phase, as such I'm starting to prepare for the release management role.
Preparing for the up coming Apache Karaf 2.2.1 maintenance release.
To prepare I've selected a bottle of Carpineto Chianti Castaldo 2008 to decant while listening to Hey Rosseta! 's new album Seeds. If your release manager doesn't have things this nice as a release process then I pity them ;)

The wine will of course only be sampled after being gave proper time to breath in its container, after the first release candidate has be up loaded for voting (see our release guide for more details on our process).

Unfortunately I can't share the wine with you, but I can share the below link to a track from Seeds.
I'm looking forward to starting the 2.2.1 release process. I'll be posting updates to our Twitter stream (#karaf) and on our IRC channel ( #karaf).

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