Saturday, February 9, 2013

Memorial University CS Programming Competition Singles Winter 2013 Results

The Winter 2013 CS Singles programming competition took place last Friday night at Memorial University. Twenty students took part, trying their skills against the algorithmic conundrums the programming competition committee prepared as their set of three problems.
After 150 minutes the competition time expired and the judges prepared the results.
First, Second, and Third place prizes awaiting the results.
The volume of submissions for this competition was impressively high, at the end though three students emerged with top results; in third place was Mark Stacey, in second place was Ken Collingwood, and finally in first was Adam Murphy.
3rd place2nd place1st place
I'd like to thank all the students, volunteers, and the programming competition committee again for making this CS programming competition possible. We hope to have another round of competitions soon!

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