Sunday, June 1, 2014

Up coming Apache Karaf releases, OpenDaylight update, and my acceptance into the ASF.

We have two release candidates in progress: Apache Karaf 2.3.6 and 3.0.2.

Our first target is the Karaf 2.3.x line. 

Highlights in this RC include; Better management of RMI/JMX ports for pax-exam integration tests, more robust JDBC against broken data sources,  several improvements to JAAS, among many other refinements and bug fixes.

Wine pairing for this RC is Placido Chianti 2011

Our second release focus is the Karaf 3.0.x line.

Highlights in this RC include; RBAC recognize group configuration when use Publickey to loginmore robust JDBC against broken data sources, add support for role based JMX authorization, Mbean Server RBAC guard should support wildcard role, among many other refinements and bug fixes.

Wine pairing for this RC will be Gabbiano Chianti 2010.

We can't wait to get these release candidates out to the community for validation and voting. Please keep an eye on our dev list for when the votes go live.

Any updates on OpenDaylight on Apache Karaf?

Lots of initial features sets have been defined, and commands adapted to work in their new environment. It's still a work in progress, but coming along nicely :)

There will be an open demo on Monday June 2nd, 2014 on the OpenDaylight Technical Work Stream call:

Topics on the call include:

  • Karaf in OpenDaylight & Hands-On demo on developing ODL components for Karaf Runtime - Mathieu Lemay (40 mins) 
  • Multi-Tenancy Discussion - David Lenrow (20 mins)

Membership with the Apache Software Foundation!

On a personal note, I've recently accepted an invitation to become a member of the Apache Software Foundation. I can not express how honoured I am to be given the opportunity to participate with the Apache Community on this level. I'm looking forward to years to come, helping to grow our communities, and contribute more to their success.

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