Monday, August 23, 2010

Software Development in Newfoundland?

In my previous posts I've talked about web, embedded, and video game development in Newfoundland, in this post I'd like to talk about software development in general. 
Over the years a diverse ecosystem of development shops have established their-selves in the market, making Newfoundland into an IT hotbed of innovation. The industries they serve are varied as the local weather ;) In the following lists I'll highlight a few of the shining stars, with the company descriptions harvested from their respective home pages.

The first group of development shops I'd like to highlight are the pure application studios. These shops have conceived, developed, marketed, and support their application(s) on the global market (for more examples see my previous "* in Newfoundland?" posts):


"Verafin is one of North America's leading BSA/AML Compliance and Fraud Detection software providers. [They were] founded in 2003 by a team of computer engineers with a background in artificial intelligence and pattern recognition. [They] have become recognized as a thought leader for delivering an innovative solution to the financial services industry by introducing unconventional and sophisticated artificial intelligence technologies that traditionally have only been used in the field of science."

Camouflage Software Inc:

"Camouflage Software Inc. has emerged as the global leader in data masking solutions, aiding organizations in meeting their data privacy and security needs. Camouflage, under the Plato Group Inc. banner, was founded in 1997 as a technical and business consulting company. The development of Camouflage® is the main priority of our software technical team. Our developers comprehensive understanding of and experience with databases is why we are database experts. Added to this mix are experienced human personnel in statistics and math with PhD’s and domain expertise who know exactly what they are building."
International Communications and Navigation (ICAN):

"ICAN's head office is based in Mt. Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada. ICAN designs and implements sophisticated navigation and communications software including Electronic Charting Systems (ECS) designed on the IMO specification for ECDIS. The company also provides AIS Infrastructure, consulting services, system design, and project management. ICAN has a US based office in Huntsville, Alabama with additional employees based in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Sherborn, Massachusetts. The US office provide sales, technical support and administration for US customers of ICAN’s Electronic Charting Systems and related hardware. The operations of ICAN and ICAN Inc. are closely integrated to create a unified ICAN brand in the market."

The next group of shops offer a mixed service of application support and development. Some projects are in-house created, sold, and maintained, while others are in support of their customers unique applications:


"Compusult is an information technology company committed to providing tools and systems that make our lives easier and help us make better decisions when dealing with our environment.
From geospatial data warehousing to information publishing, from asset management and system integration to speech technology and workplace adaptation products, Compusult Limited is a world leader in advanced software solutions and information management systems.
At Compusult, we bring products and services to our customers through innovative teamwork and by placing the highest priority on our clients' requirements. We continually deliver reliable, affordable and feature-rich software and hardware"


"Established in 1992, zedIT Solutions Inc. (commonly referred to as 'zed') is one of Atlantic Canada's largest IT Consultancies. Headquartered in the heart of Canada's oldest city, downtown St. John's, Newfoundland, zed provides IT Consulting, Systems Design and Development, Application Maintenance and Support, and outsourcing services to our clients in both the public and private sectors. In addition to [their] IT Consulting services, zed also has a product development division. As a certified SAP Software Solutions Partner, zed has developed a suite of web enabled add-on products that fully integrate with the SAP Business One solution."

"Plato Consulting has built a solid reputation as a leading IT solutions provider since 1997. With its corporate headquarters based in Newfoundland and Labrador, Plato consistently helps clients across Canada and throughout North America become more – more efficient, more effective, more streamlined and more successful. Plato is committed to delivering superior IT solutions for our clients.  We strive toward continuous improvement beyond the traditional view of consultancy; our approach is to deliver to clients tangible business outcomes through partnership and collaboration, focusing on our clients' short-term and long-term goals."

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