Sunday, August 9, 2015

Decanting OpenDaylight

The Monitoring and Alerting Solution for Apache Karaf
During OpenDaylight Summit 2015 I was given the opportunity to talk about Apache Karaf's road map, and Karaf's new subproject Apache Karaf Decanter.

Decanter is a complete monitoring and alerting solution for Apache Karaf.  It provides a web based collection of dash boards, which contain nicely graphed metrics from your applications' runtime, and lets you explore logged events.

Architecturally, Decanter is composed of:
  • collectors retrieving monitored data (JMX metrics, log messages, etc)
  • dispatchers powered by EventAdmin, and
  • appenders storing monitored data.
Decanter provides a Service Level Agreement layer, which allows you to check values of harvested data and send alerts when data in not in the expected state.

User and Developer guides are available from Karaf's website.

OpenDaylight Lithium, Decanted
Perhaps the most exciting news for OpenDaylight users is that the core Decanter framework works on Lithium! All the OpenDaylight community needs to do now is develop the various collectors, dispatchers, appenders, and alters to make OpenDaylight based services appear in one of Decanter's dashboards.

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