Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Karaf is now a top level Apache project!

It was barely a little more than a year ago that I was announcing that the Servicemix Kernel sub-project had moved to Felix and renamed to "Karaf". Time has moved on and development has been proceeding at an amazing pace, this growth has been so pronounced that we have requested to have Karaf recognized as its own top level project - this request was successfully granted :)

Now that the process has begun to establish Apache Karaf as a top level project, I thought it would be good to start publishing a few links so that Karaf developers & users could find its new home.

Karaf home page:

Karaf issue tracker:

Karaf source code (anonymous check out from Karaf trunk):

Karaf hudson build status:

Karaf mailing lists:

Karaf contributing guide:

As a small personal note, with the establishment of Karaf as a top level project I have been included as a committer and the Karaf PMC :) 

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