Sunday, March 20, 2011

Memorial University CS Games Team (doubles) Winter 2011 Results

The Winter 2011 CS Team Programming Competition took place last Friday night at Memorial University.  Seven teams, 14 students, took part - trying their skills against the algorithmic conundrums the programming competition committee prepared as their set of three problems.
The students remained dutifully quiet throughout the evening, working on their solutions - barely taking a break to enjoy the drinks, cookies, and pizzas the department of Computer Science & Committee had sponsored.
After two and half hours of competition we were able to draw the games to a close, and tabulate the results. Our game sponsors then took center stage to present our top placements.
Left to Right: Eric Davidson, Steven Soucey, Megan O'Conner
Our third place prize was presented by Pathfinder/Nomadica's Eric Davidson to Team F: Megan O'Connor, and Steven Soucey.
Left to Right: Justin Butt, Steven Talyor, Simon McIlhargey
Our second place prize was presented by IDBlue's Steven Taylor to Team B: Justin Butt, and Simon McIlhargey.
Left to Right: Melissa Reid, Jon Anstey, Ken Collingwood
And finally the first place prize was presented by FuseSource's Jon Anstey to Team A: Melissa Reid, and Ken Collingwood.

I'd like to thank all the students, volunteers, sponsors, and the games committee again for making these CS games possible. I hope to see everyone again for the Fall 2011 Mun CS Games in September.

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Jason G said...

Tis nice to see a decent turnup. Next year, once I'm free from the academic world, I'm hoping to be involved with the programming competitions a little more.