Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reasons to attend Security BSides St John's 2011 (part 6)

So you've heard about the Security BSides St John's 2011 event and wonder if you'll sign up to attend? Well if you do you'll be able to take in a variety of information security talks from leaders in the field, while having the opportunity to meet other information security practitioners, and researchers. In this week's 'Reasons to attend Security BSides St John's 2011' I'm highlighting Tim Newell's talk entitled "Having Your Cake and Eating it - Remote Access Security":

Having Your Cake and Eating it - Remote Access Security
Tim Newell, Senior Security Consultant with Bell Aliant

Remote access to IT systems is a near-universal requirement, yet often the security considerations are badly misunderstood. (Ever had an argument with somebody over relative encryption strength when they’re using usernames with basic passwords for authentication?) In the midst of this, IT staff are under pressure to reduce costs, enable mobile remote access, and support home-based usage. Is there a “right answer” to remote access security? For that matter, what are the questions to ask? How do you even begin to find a balance that works?

This presentation will look at threats, countermeasures, and policy related to remote access security. From there, the talk will look at securely implementing very different security postures using typical SSL VPN capabilities. Tim has experience with several different vendors’ remote access solutions, and will be looking at the issues from a product-agnostic perspective.

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