Monday, July 11, 2011

For the Sommeliers on #karaf (

From time to time on #karaf the topic of what I'm making for lunch comes up - especially if I'm at my server colocation (well fed systems admins (Read Dwayne Hart) == uptime). So here are some pics from today's trip to the server room:
Beef Rogan Josh
Basmati rice, Madras Chickpeas & Lentils, and Beef Rogan Josh. 
The basmati rice was a simple combination of powdered curry, garlic,  & cumin with onions, mushrooms, and mixed peppers. The Madras chickpeas and lentils were standard fare - just the legume in sauce, slowly heated until delicious. Finally, the Rogan Josh beef was a simple stack of steaks BBQed  until medium rare, then sautéed in rogan josh sauce until it became thick like gravy.

What does any of this have to do with Apache Karaf? Well, the release build environment lives at the server colocation, and so far after nearly a dozen releases we haven't had one issue in regards to resource uptime ;)

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