Friday, July 29, 2011

Returning lost ducklings to their mother (yes, there is a happy ending)

This afternoon we noticed a small commotion along the side of the house when a small family of ducklings decided to huddle up and cry for their mother to find them. Being a fare ways away from any form of pond or lake, this was very concerning -- we have a lot of cats in the neighborhood and the ducklings wouldn't stand a chance if they were found. So the next two hours were filled with calls to wildlife dept and the SPCA, the later of which were very helpful dispatching two volunteers with a carrier to collect the ducks and attempt to relocate them.
Upon arriving the SPCA volunteers gathered the ducklings from underneath laundry baskets we & our neighbors had used to shield them from cats, then we all began looking for a safe place to deposit them. Walking the pole line behind the house we came near to the bog land near the highway. We discussed if these wet lands would be suitable for the birds or if we'd have to transport them to long pond or bowring park when above our heads the mother duck came swooping. We immediately opened the carrier and the ducklings and mother raced to meet again. Pictures of the happy reunion are below.

Mother and her seven ducklings reuniting.
Family back together.
Mother duck marching her charges into the bog lands.
My neighbors' have a few pictures of the ducklings in the laundry baskets while we were trying to contact the wildlife dept & the SPCA. I'll add those photos to this story once I have copies.

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tpcmurray said...

Awesome way to spend a Friday dude. Great deed, great story, great pix.