Saturday, September 17, 2011

Other NL Geeks Coding by the Sea!

My tech blog was recently nominated for the NL BlogRoll bloggers choice award for Best Science/Technonology blog 2011. I feel very honored to have my blog considered, and would like to thank everyone for all the support - you guys rock!

Seeing that I'm seeing some increased traffic during the awards voting period I thought that I'd take the opportunity to shine a spot light on some other NL geeks in the software and other industries.

So please click the below links, and follow my fellow NL coders.

Take it or leave it NL:

Journey into gaming:

Shameless Ramblings:

Code Crystal:

Jon Anstey's Blog:

Adam Walsh:

Are you a NL programmer with a blog I didn't list? Please leave a comment below with a link to your blog and I'll be sure to add it!






Ryan Woodford said...

My personal site is , I'm an Engineer in the Royal Canadian Navy and finishing my Computer Science degree at MUN. Not often updated, and not a member of the software industry, its mainly a collection of hardware and software projects and ideas I come up with. For example I will be posting a microcontroller based ethernet cable tester I built, as well as a linux based media server project I'm trying to revive in the next few weeks.

Jason Gedge's website is fairly interesting if your into computer vision and QT, he promises to update it more.

Ace Paradis is a coworker of mine, current working with the Canadian Forces but studying security, encryption algorithms and secure memory usage.

Jamie Goodyear said...

Thanks Ryan for posting those links!

I've updated the post to include them, and alter my wording to include those outside the direct software industry.

Keep the links coming, its great to discover how many of us are out there, sharing knowledge and interests.

Jason G said...

Thanks for pointing out my blog Ryan. I just made another post, and hopefully will keep this up a little more from now on. Also, thanks for the links Jamie. It's nice to see the blogs of dev-oriented locals.