Friday, January 20, 2012

Apache Karaf on IBM AIX 7.1!

Apache Karaf has supported runtimes on IBM AIX for quite some time, this however has been my first opportunity to personally try out Karaf on AIX 7.1.
Apache Maven and IBM Java versions.
I'm happy to report that Apache Karaf trunk (currently 3.0.0-snapshot) builds from source using IBM Java, and using GNU Tar I was able to easily extract a snapshot kit, and start Karaf. 
Apache Karaf console start up screen, and contents of info command output.
 I've been using IBM JDKs on Linux systems for the last few months, it's nice to have a full AIX environment to verify that the source and binaries are compatible. As I take time to test out tools, tweaks, and demo projects I'll be sure to post here my observations of Karaf on this platform and any best practices.

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