Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Want to see how your Karaf container is performing? Try the ktop command.

Aetos Integration Platform
I've been working on a utility command for Apache Karaf based containers that will display JVM usage metrics in a manner similar to the Linux Top command. The result has been the Aetos ktop command.

Aetos is Savoir Technologies' Integration Platform - essentially a custom stack of raw Apache projects that makes using Apache Karaf easy for developing and running production large scale enterprise solutions.
JVM vital statics in a Karaf console - awesome!

The Aetos ktop command provides a Top like display of vital JVM metrics, including:

  • Basic platform details.
  • JVM Uptime.
  • JVM Thread counts.
  • Garbage Collector Stats.
  • ClassLoader Stats.
  • JVM Memory Stats, and
  • Periodically updated top threads by CPU usage. 

The ktop command allows users to specify how many threads they'd like displayed, and the information update interval. Use the --help option to read the command's usage information.

Sounds cool, I'd like to try it out on my Karaf system!

We've published a MileStone 1 release to Maven Central:

Source tag link:

If you're using an Apache Karaf 3.0.x based system (such as OpenDaylight Helium or Aetos 3.0.2), you can install MileStone 1 using the following Karaf console command:

install -s mvn:com.savoirtech.karaf.commands/ktop/0.1.0.M1

Feedback is welcome! Please submit any ideas, enhancements, bugs to the project issue tracker:

Nice! I'd like to have the command on a different Karaf platform...

There are three branches of the Aetos ktop project at this time, tracking Apache Karaf 2.3.x,  3.0.x, and 4.0.x lines. At current, users will have to clone the source repo, checkout the branch appropriate to their Karaf deployment, and build the code locally before installing in their container. Please use the following instructions to get ktop running on your container:

How do I get the code?

git clone https://github.com/savoirtech/ktop.git
cd ktop
git checkout k23x | k30x | master

The k23x branch is maintained for Karaf 2.3.x format, k30x for Karaf 3.0.x format, and master will track Karaf 4 style commands.

How do I build and install ktop into my container?

To build, invoke:

mvn install

To install in Karaf, invoke from Karaf console:

install -s mvn:com.savoirtech.karaf.commands/ktop/version-SNAPSHOT

How do I use ktop once installed?

To execute command on Karaf, invoke:


To exit ktop, press control + c

The code is under the GNU license at the moment, as per a project requirement -- we will have it under the ASL in the future. In the mean time if you're looking for a way to monitor your Karaf container from your console window, give Aetos ktop a try!

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