Friday, April 20, 2012

Apache Karaf 2.x on Linux (Another unscientific poll)

Earlier this year I started a pair of polls on the Apache Karaf LinkedIn user group, and posted the results here on my blog (results are viewable on the LinkedIn group too). The first poll indicated that a sizeable portion of Apache Karaf installations were occurring on Linux based systems, as a follow up I issued a poll to ask which Linux distribution were being used in production. Below are the results after a month of collecting votes. Please note these are unscientific poll results - expect them to be wildly inaccurate as the sample sizes in the poll was very small and limited to the group members on LinkedIn.

The poll question was "Which Linux distribution do you use most commonly for production deployments of Apache Karaf 2.x?". LinkedIn only allows up to five options, so I choose four of the major Linux distributions I've seen in production use, along with a catch all 'other' option. In a sample size of 17 respondents 59% were deploying on Red Hat Linux, with 35% on a Debian/Ubuntu based system, and 9% on Suse.
As the sample size was small we obviously can not draw any conclusions, however as these numbers come from a Karaf users group I believe they hint at a common usage pattern of Red Hat and Debian/Ubuntu based system preference. The utility of these results really resides in the knowledge that there are other users out there working with Karaf on these platforms - you're less likely to be the first to encounter a platform specific issue, and if you are than you know there is a community out there that will want to see the issue resolved as quickly as possible.

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