Saturday, September 22, 2012

BSides St John's 2012 in Pictures

BSides St John's 2012 has come and passed, however we can relive the fun reviewing some photos I took during the event...
The early morning audience awaiting the beginning of the conference.
Norbert welcoming the attendees, speakers, and sponsors to the conference.
Mark Nunnikhoven: The Basics & Other Things That We're Probably Doing Wrong. 
View from the back of the room.
Jamie Goodyear: Anatomy of an Apache vulnerability report, and Secure Release Management
The view from the podium.
Russ Diucet: Key Considerations in Securing Internet Access.
Karim Nathoo: Command and Control and Data Exfiltration, Version 2.0
Kellman Meghu: How NOT To Do Security: Lessons Learned From the Galactic Empire 

Bruno Germain: Services defence in depth: an emerging paradigm for protecting the Data Center
The audience towards the end of the conference talks.
I'd like to thank again our sponsors, speakers, organizers, volunteers, and our outstanding audience for making BSides St John's 2012 a successes!


Pocket Rocket said...

It was a great time :)

Jamie Goodyear said...

I unfortunately missed a few talks during the day, if anyone has photos that I can add to my blog post I'd be happy to update this article.

Republic Of said...

O Man I wish I was Home doing this. Haclk On y fello Newfoundlanders and Labradorians.

We rule .!!!