Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Want to see your top Apache Camel routes in a CamelContext? Try the CTop command!

Aetos Integration Platform
I've been working on a utility command for Apache Karaf based containers that will display Apache Camel Context Route metrics in a manner similar to the Linux Top command. The result has been the Aetos ctop command.

A Top like command for Apache Camel Routes, awesome!
Aetos is Savoir Technologies' Integration Platform - essentially a custom stack of raw Apache projects that makes using Apache Karaf easy for developing and running production large scale enterprise solutions.

The Aetos ctop command provides a Top like display of vital Camel Route metrics, including:

  • Total Exchanges,
  • Completed Exchanges
  • Failed Exchanges,
  • Minimun Processing Time,
  • Maximum Processing Time,
  • Mean Processing Time, and
  • Last Processing Time

The ctop command allows users to specify which column they'd like to rank routes, and the information update interval. Use the --help option to read the command's usage information.

Sounds cool, I'd like to try it out on my Karaf system!

We've published a MileStone 1 release to Maven Central:

You can also grab it from GitHub:

Source tag link:

If you're using an Apache Karaf 3.0.x based system (such as Aetos 3.0.2), you can install MileStone 1 using the following Karaf console command:
install -s mvn:com.savoirtech.karaf.commands/ctop/0.1.0.M1

Feedback is welcome! Please submit any ideas, enhancements, bugs to the project issue tracker:

How do I get the code?

git clone

Currently, the command is aimed at Apache Karaf 3 & 4 containers. If community interest exists, we'll port it back to Karaf 2.3 & 2.4.

How do I build and install ctop into my container?

To build, invoke:

mvn install

To install in Karaf, invoke from Karaf console:

install -s mvn:com.savoirtech.karaf.commands/ctop/version-SNAPSHOT

How do I use ctop once installed?

The CTop command requires users to have the Apache Camel feature installed in their container at runtime. Once Camel is available, the CTop command will become functional.

To execute command on Karaf, invoke:

aetos:ctop CamelContextName

To exit ctop, press control + c

The code is under the GNU license at the moment, as per a project requirement -- we will have it under the ASL in the future. In the mean time if you're looking for a way to monitor your Camel Routes from your console window, give Aetos ctop a try!

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