Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Winter is coming, time to plan a code project.

As the Starks of Winterfell say, "the winter is coming". I don't know about you but I usually consider the run up to winter as the time to plan a code project to fill up those long cold days that we're going to be stuck indoors. Generally my side projects tend to be scratching an itch I have with one apache project or another, what I'd like to know is what will your winter side project be?
Please leave comments below pertaining the project you're planning to contribute code towards or describing the little side project your building for personal enjoyment. We may have to spend the winter isolated with our dev work stations, but we can at least share the fun of our code projects :)


Adam Burry said...

Side project: I have an idea for an e-book that I'd like to try out. It is on the topic of software. And that is all I'll say. Most likely I'll lose interest and it will go no where anyway.

Ryan Woodford said...

I plan on finishing a serial data sniffer (hardware) I'm working on, and using it to write an open source tool for programming Motorola handheld radio's.

If I get past that - Updating Ushare (media sharing service for linux) to be more memory efficient, improve file indexing, and more features.

Matt_Middleton said...

I'm thinking of volunteering with an Open Source project as a tester, and blogging about the experience - know any fun projects in need of a tester?