Monday, January 31, 2011

On the road towards Apache Karaf 2.2.0

It seems like is was only a few weeks ago that I was blogging about Apache Karaf 2.1.0 going towards it's first release candidate, now we're well on the road towards 2.2.0! This means that we'll be spending time reviewing our issue tracker and delegating tasks to contributors/committers. Once we have a stable source tree I'll proceed to follow our release guide to deliver the new build for our community to review and vote upon. Please stay tuned as the release approaches, this new version has in excess of 150 updates! So we'll have a lot to discuss about newly introduced improvements and features :)

In case you're wondering, once the 2.2.0 release is cut we'll create a 2.2.x maintenance line, and start the 3.0.0 branch for future development :)

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Gord Peach said...

Exciting times my friend! You are a true code monkey.