Sunday, January 27, 2013

Instant OSGi Starter - The essential guide to modular development with OSGi

Instant OSGI Starter is now available! Johan and I began working on this project last spring after being approached by Packt to submit an outline for how we see OSGi being introduced to developers. We made it our goal to not only introduce the subject but to write the book such that a java developer could pick it up on a Friday afternoon and come Monday morning be ready to join a team project based in OSGi, with an already established software architecture, and be productive. We hope that you find our approach to be concise, fast paced, and get you developing as quickly as possible.

Reviewing our book's contents you'll

  • Discover the basic tenets of the OSGi and modular programming 
  • Deploy and manage your OSGi applications in a runtime container
  • Gain familiarity with OSGi tooling 
  • Understand the Bundle as the most basic layer of OSGI modularity
  • Master the OSGi Lifecycle model for modular code 
  • Gain exposure to key OSGi patterns such as Whiteboard and Extender 
  • Find more information and supporting communities for OSGi developers
If you're looking to begin developing with OSGi, then pick up your copy of Instant OSGi Starter today!

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