Friday, March 15, 2013

Apache Karaf 3.0.0.RC1 Technology Preview Released!

The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache Karaf 3.0.0.RC1 Technology Preview!

The particular release of Apache Karaf is not intended to be used in production, it's sole purpose is to give our user base the opportunity to experiment with Karaf 3, and provide feedback to the community. There will be a proper Apache Karaf 3.0.0 release once we've brought the branch to a level of stability that we can promote the code as production ready.

I'd like to thank the entire community for their continued patience, interest, and support on our road to a full Karaf 3.0.0 release. All user feed back will be greatly appreciated, we can't wait to have Karaf 3 ready for prime time.

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Martin said...

Just playing around with 3.0.0.RC1. I am excited about how much excellent Java enterprise technology is in there. I want to use for migrating an older project and cant wait for 3.0.0 ;-)