Monday, March 4, 2013

Apache Karaf 2.3.1 Released!

The Apache Karaf team is pleased to announce the availability of Apache Karaf 2.3.1.

In this patch update to the 2.3.x line contains multiple bug fixes, improvements, and dependency updates including; an upgrade to OSGi spec 4.3.1, Spring 3.1.4.RELEASE, Pax Exam 2.6.0, Pax Web 1.1.12, Jetty 7.6.8.v20121106, Aries Blueprint Core 1.1.0, and fixes to the LDAP login module, improved failover lock logic, removes a console shutdown -f hang, and adds a jre-1.8 to

For more information please see the release notes.

As discussed in my prior Apache Karaf 2.3.1 preparation post, I enjoyed listening to Death From Above 1979 albums throughout the release process and was delighted to try the Marques de Casa Concha 2010 Pinot Noir. I think the music and wine pairings are really working well for these releases, that being said if anyone has suggestions for future music or wine selections please post them below :)

Apache Karaf 3.0.0 is next in line as a release candidate. Please note that Apache Karaf 2.2.11 should be the last patch update to that branch, with support continuing on Apache Karaf 2.3.x. A new branch will be created soon for Apache Karaf 2.4.x - this will contain any new features we want to include on the 2.x line (2.3.x will be just for bug fixes).

Happy developing!

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