Sunday, September 14, 2014

New Apache Karaf book and up coming release candidates

Apache Karaf Cookbook is now available from Packt Publishing!

This past winter Johan, Heath, Achim, and I started our latest adventure writing Apache Karaf Cookbook for Packt Publishing. We're happy to announce that the book is finally available for order via Packt's website.
We've taken care to cram as many hints, tips, and experiences into its pages as we could.

Taking a look at our table of contents you'll find recipes for:

  • Apache Karaf for system builders
  • Turning Karaf into a Smart Router with Apache Camel
  • Model Karaf into a Message Broker with Apache ActiveMQ
  • Transform Karaf into a JSP host with Pax-web
  • Distribute your Karaf applications across a clustered container with Apache Karaf Cellar
  • Transmute Karaf into a web service container with Apache CXF
  • Turbo-charge your Karaf applications’ persistence layer scalability with Apache Cassandra
  • Manage Big Data on Karaf with Apache Hadoop
  • Integration test with Pax Exam (bonus chapter!)

We hope the community benefits from our experiences, we've poured a lot of ourselves into this title. For more publications on Karaf please see our Instant OSGi Starter, and Learning Apache Karaf.

Up coming release candidates - Apache Karaf 2.3.8, 2.4.0, and 3.0.2!

Apache Karaf 2.3.8:

This patch update will contain an essential update to Felix FileInstall, we hope to have this patch available for vote ASAP.

Apache Karaf 2.4.0:

This release candidate represents a new branch of Apache Karaf development. It shall include the latest Aries and Pax libraries, Apache Pom 13, add support for role-based JMX authorization, includes heap dumps when we create debugging data from create dump command, blueprint-web feature, support for JAAS groups, and includes Pax CDI feature. There are several hundred items currently in this RC's release notes, so you'll want to spend some time discovering all the hidden gems.

Apache Karaf 3.0.2:

Our second patch update to the 3.0 line, this release candidate will contain vital bug fixes, and essential library updates.

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