Saturday, November 19, 2011

Departmental Seminar @ Memorial University: Towards Engineering Processes for Web Service Repositories.

Thought I'd post below the announcement for the upcoming Departmental Seminar at Memorial University entitled "Towards Engineering Processes for Web Service Repositories". Sounds like an interesting talk for anyone working with SOA technologies.

Towards Engineering Processes for Web Service Repositories

Dr.  Adrian Fiech

Department of Computer Science
Thursday, December 8th, 2011, 1:00 pm., Room EN-2022


Service-oriented Software Engineering embraces the construction of software systems from available modules that can be acquired from service providers and assembled into a complete system. Web services are particularly suitable to this approach.

The process of crafting successful web service repositories is complex and needs to be addressed with a rigor reminiscent of software engineering processes. We are working on creation of a comprehensive process framework that provides a set of practices and tools for web service repository design, configuration, testing, implementation and management.

We begin with practical case studies, which investigate and highlight promising problem domains that are suitable for (primarily commercial) repository development. Next, we design and implement prototype web service repositories for the most encouraging cases. The prototype repositories shall afford simple configuration, powerful query answering system and the support for diverse business models. Subsequently we summarize, discuss and evaluate the processes we used in our prototype repository design/implementations as well as approaches used by others.

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