Thursday, November 10, 2011

IGDA NL Chapter meeting on November 29th, 2011!

As I've been asked to relay any information on the next local Video Game Developer meeting, I happily pass along the below note:

"The next meeting of the Newfoundland Chapter of the International Game Developer Association will be on November 29th, 2011 at the Computer Science seminar room (EN-2022) at 7pm.
There will be presentations and Q&A from local game developers talking about their experiences developing games, followed by some friendly beverages at Bitters. Hope to see you there!" -- IGDA NL


Adam Burry said...

Any details on these talks? Is there a more official announcement?

Jamie Goodyear said...

All I have is the heads up from members of the IGDA NL Chapter of the meeting. I'll ping my contacts at Binary Dawn and Celsius to see if they can post back here with details on their participation.

RoddieKieley said...

There is a little more detail on the Facebook group page ( but the short summary is that we will be talking a little about some of the products we've produced and how we produced them.

For us here at Binary Dawn we will probably talk a little about Sushi Solitaire which is an upcoming title.

Colin said...

Colin from Celsius Game Studios here :)

I'll be there to talk a bit about the development of my latest game, Red Nova, as well as my upcoming space trading game, Drifter. Should be a good meeting!

Jeremie Daigle said...

Jeremie here, I may be available to talk about my new Iphone game: Run Away Safari. There is a little bit of information on my site: