Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Looking for an itch to scratch? How about contributing to Apache Karaf?

The Apache Karaf 3.0 release candidate is approaching, it's a good time to try to get a patch in before we cut our first RC :)

Reviewing our JIRA entries currently slated for the 3.0.0 release, there are several issues that would make good targets for new contributors to step in and try their hand submitting a patch. I've list below several of these issues in the hope that a new contributor that's been sitting on fence not knowing where to jump in may pick up an issue and start their journey into Apache development :

Console doesn't like it when the console window is too small - no line wrapping for commands:

Better support for Maven Proxies:

Tab completion on path when installing bundles:

Backspace no longer works in Putty after using 'connect' command to connect to other instance, and commands are printed in only 2 columns:

Improve security docs with respect to roles policies:

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