Sunday, February 26, 2012

Live music and Apache Karaf 2.2.5

I guess I'm well into a new tradition... During the build up to Apache Karaf 2.2.5 I was listening to City and Colour albums while sipping on Maison Sichel Bordeaux 2009. Last night I had the opportunity to see City and Colour live here in St John's at MileOne Stadium.

The show was absolutely awesome in spite of their air line carrier misplacing their usual instruments :S

So getting back to the idea of new traditions; I like the idea of pairing wine and music to Karaf releases, I now I've expanded it to trying to see the band/performer perform live too. So for those of you following my Karaf music posts you'll know I have two live performances down.

I wonder what do other release mangers do along these lines? Any traditions, challenges, or other fun things you do to mark your project release milestones? I'd like to hear about them in the comments section below.

In the mean time, I've copied below some photo I took during the concert:
On a related subject, I stopped by a wine show over the weekend - found a hand full of bottles that needed a good home (as you can imagine all I see at a wine show are pending releases).
I see delicious Apache Karaf releases in waiting.

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