Thursday, February 2, 2012

My CS3716 Software Methodologies Guest Lecture experience :)

Dept. of Computer Science
I had the opportunity to talk to CS3716 Software Methodologies students at Memorial University earlier this morning. My chat covered some of my industry experiences, views on technology, and discussions about the courses I took at Memorial as an undergrad so many years ago. Following this core discussion I moved on to briefly discuss the Apache Way, and Release Management Essentials.
Class starting to fill up.
This was my first time to present a talk specifically covering some of the best practices I've learned from performing the Apache Karaf release manager role over the last few years. I've covered some of those best practices in my prior posts about release management, which really condenses down to ensuring that releases are done in a clear, concise, orderly fashion that can be reproduced, and that at each step along the way information is communicated allowing contributors and users to know what is happening.

I hope that the students found the talk engaging. I really enjoyed answering questions one on one afterward - I can't wait to deliver my next lecture for CS3718 Programming in Small where I'll introduce modular programming using OSGi :)

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