Friday, August 20, 2010

Chasing Time

Working in open source can be challenging on the global scale. The contributors and committers on any given Apache project can be far spread, touching almost every corner of Earth - some of us even participate while off shore ;)

Logging into one of our IRC chat rooms, our global scale becomes even more apparent. Each morning I log into and join the karaf and servicemix rooms. Normally there are dozens of users & devs actively participating in the EU and Africa, and if I'm online really early there will also be some late night programmers in Asia. Sometime towards noon (my timezone) most of these developers are starting to call it a day and log out while many new users & devs in the Americas are coming online. It's an interesting transition to observe.

Living in Newfoundland the mornings are definitely the toughest time to jump in, my coffee is just poured but the conversations are already in full swing. So if your on IRC and decide to 'ping' hello, please understand if I'm a few minutes before replying 'pong' ;)

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