Monday, August 23, 2010

Web Development in Newfoundland?

In researching web development in Newfoundland I found myself learning a lot more about what I thought were just web design & development studios. Most of these shops specialize in providing dedicated services to support or promote their clients. The below list is not exhaustive in depth, with the company descriptions harvested from their respective home pages.

Breton Solutions

Has "been delivering professional Web & Multimedia Design, Business Intelligence, SharePoint Services, Web Hosting, Outsourcing, Onsite and Remote Technical Support since 2001."

Applecore Interactive

Provide a wide array of services, including; web design and development, social media optimization, internet marketing, and branding. They are also one of the first interactive agency in Atlantic Canada with ISO 9001:2000 certification. Their also one of the few local companies that engage their clientèle with workshops aimed at educating them on advancements and cutting edge trends in their field.

Bluedrop Performance Learning

"Is one of the most pedigreed training development companies in North America—and with over 17 years in operation, we’ve also got some of the most longevity. Bluedrop was one of the early pioneers that recognized and harnessed the potential of the Internet as a training tool—in fact, when most organizations were still debating the benefits of having a Web site, Bluedrop was working with a multinational pharmaceutical company to develop a clinical trial training system that would work over the Internet. Not only did this successful project represent a first for the industry, it was also among the very first Web-based business and training applications ever developed for a Fortune 1000 company. Since our inception in 1992 as an engineering company, we’ve spent the better part of two decades providing custom content development to our clients. Now we leverage that engineering discipline and custom development expertise to help clients maximize their human capital through effective performance learning." I'd like to add to their description that they have also been listed twice in Progress Magazine’s Top Twenty Places to Work in Atlantic Canada.


Is another Newfoundland based company that specializes in designing and hosting websites for small and medium size businesses. I've included this company as being representative of the many web development firms in the province that provide outstanding service and quality from their highly skilled & talented developers.

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