Friday, August 27, 2010

Working from home - experiments

I'd like to draw some attention to a great Apache Karaf post on Ade Trenaman's blog. If you have any interest in Karaf or Servicemix then I'd suggest reading it :)
As this post was intended for talking about experiments, I wanted to post a quick pic of a pair of Dell 1850 1U servers I picked up for trying out new bits of code in Karaf/Servicemix. Fun times driving around town with a pair of 1Us in the trunk of my car - thanks Jon for lending hand saving these machines from the dump.

The following pics are for the benefit of my team mates that ask from time to time what I'm making for lunch - here was today's kitchen experiment:
The dish is composed of Tandoori Chicken, Madras Chick Peas & Lentils, and Buttered Chicken Basmati rice served atop fresh Na'an bread.

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Sam Russell said...

That looks like a delicious lunch!