Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Have Sandwich, will program.

I've wrote previously about working from home now that I no longer have a proper office to work from, this is another post on being a programmer outside of the traditional development framework. This time I'd like to share some pics I took of a little hackathon we had today out in Kilbride Newfoundland
Our host made us delicious sandwiches (Pumpernickel bread, dijon mustard, lettuce, tomato, honey smoked ham, roast turkey, cheddar, and provolone cheese) with a side of nachos and all the coffee we could handle.
As a result of this little gathering a Karaf demo for how to re-brand the shell console was added into Karaf trunk :)

Having other people to work with in person is more important that I used to think... just a few months ago if asked I would have thought the complete opposite :S I think having the ability to just pass my macbook over to someone and say 'check this out' is something that I miss when working alone in my little fortress of solitude (dark corner of the basement). The instant feed back loop helps in creating useful little features for our projects. That being said, sharing in great food & drink improves everything too :)

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