Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Apache Karaf 2.1.0 RC#2 is up for vote, still bailing out the house.

Apache Karaf 2.1.0 RC#2 is up for vote.

Please take some time to review and vote for this release candidate.

Sadly, Hurricane Igor has decided to turn my basement into an in house swimming pool. I'm currently working on bailing her out. I'd like to thank Jon AnsteyDwayne Hart and Jon Manuel for racing over to lend a hand.
Jon manning a shopvac.
The sump pump working overtime.


Jaco van Tonder said...

Sho, looks hectic. :( Good luck!

But while you are busy cleaning the, erm, pool, I will spend the time testing out the Karaf RC. ;)


icbts said...

Thanks Jaco van :)

It's still hectic five days later... discovering each day more things I didn't realize was damaged. It's going to take months to get back to pre-hurricane conditions.

I'd like to thank everyone that wrote me during this time with your support and well wishes -- Apache people rock! :)