Friday, September 24, 2010

Memorial University Fall 2010 CS Team Programming Competition Results

The Fall 2010 CS Team Programming Competition took place at Memorial University this evening. Five teams entered, vying to win prizes and obtain the honor of representing the Mun CS Department at the regional APICS games.
I've copied in a few pics taken during the competition... all in all everyone had a lot of laughs, good willed fun, and geeked out.
I'd like to congratulate the first place team, Josh McCarthy, Hazel Dalton, and David Hornell, on a job well done. They will move on to the next round of games at Saint Mary's University. As a side note, all three team members are student employees at ICAN - they have a great talent pool here!
A solid performance was displayed by the second place team consisting of Chris Whalen, Robert Robere, and Stephen Piercey.
And finally in third place, the team of Nathael Woodfine, Sarah McCausland, and Megan O'Connor.
I'd like to wish best luck to the Mun CS team as they move up the APICS competitions into the ACM games. I'd also like to thank all the students, volunteers, and the games committee again for making these CS games possible.

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