Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Guest Lecture experience at Memorial University

I just got back from providing my first guest lecture to an under graduate class of Computer Science 3716 Software Methodologies at Memorial University. It was a fun experience, which I am supposed to re-iterate next semester (Winter 2011).
Memorial University Engineering Building
My talk touched on various subjects including a quick Apache Way introduction, a brief description of the projects I've worked on, my views on technology, and project management. We attempted to keep the talk focused towards entry level development in St John's, but did expand things to include working on the international level in large scale projects. Particular empathises was given to working on open source projects such as Apache Servicemix, Felix, and Karaf.

Unfortunately there is never enough time to dive as deeply into technology issues as I'd like there to be, but I hope that the students enjoyed the talk and took away something useful :)


David said...

I quite enjoyed your talk today it was very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to come over.

Jamie Goodyear said...

Your welcome :) I quite enjoyed passing along what information and advice I could. I hope some of the students decide to take a closer look at Apache projects, especially when we get closer to Google Summer of Code time next year.