Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Apache Micro-Hackathons

I've written here before about working from home, and the isolation effects of working on open source projects from here in Newfoundland. The only sensible way I've found to work around this is to try and group together my local Apache users and try to get some hackathon time in.
The general setup is the same each time, meet up somewhere, eat good food, drink good drinks, and code! Since there is a very small community of people working on or with Apache projects here locally I've taken to calling our meetings Micro-Hackathons. Here's a pic from today's Micro-Hackathon (featuring committers from Activemq. Camel, Servicemix. Felix, and Karaf).
If your developing with Apache in similar circumstances as we have here in Newfoundland I'd greatly suggest trying to host your own little Apache gatherings. There fun, productive and an all around great way to geek out.

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