Friday, September 17, 2010

Memorial University Fall 2010 CS Singles Programming Competition Results

The Fall 2010 CS Singles Programming Competition took place at Memorial University this evening. Seventeen students registered for their opportunity to try their algorithmic skills on three problems developed by the Mun Programming Competition committee. 
Several CS alumni donated their evening to help referee and support the games. They were kept very busy as runners as the competitors kept very focused on solving the problem sets instead of digging into the piles of pizza and cookies the games committee graciously provided.
The night's big winners were Robert Robere (left), Tim Oram (right), and Stephen Piercey (center). They each took home a programming related text book, Ubuntu mug & install disc, and a Memorial University pen.
Next week the Fall 2010 CS Teams Programming Competition will be going ahead. To Memorial University CS students still looking for team members to register for this event please login to the CS Society forums and post under "I need a team!". As some additional motivation samples of the team prizes are shown below - you know you want to win them ;)
I'll be posting a link to the problems and solution sets to tonight's games once made available by the department.
I'd like to thank all the students, volunteers, and the games committee again for making these CS games possible.


Stephen said...

Hey Jamie,

This is Stephen Piercey(guy in the center of the winners).

Just wanted to extend another thanks for all the support.

Also just a heads up to anyone who doesn't know the forums are located at

Jamie Goodyear said...

Your welcome :)

Our goal this year is to increase student interest and participation in our APICS (ACM) Programming Competitions. After next week's team games we'll have two more singles games in the Winter 2011 semester. I've already started procuring prizes for those games, just waiting on the next iteration of Ubuntu install discs to become available to order :)